Sunday, 25 March 2012

Last day excursion

Last time Mormor and Morfar were here, was the first time I went to Tasek Lama. I must say, I haven't really been back many times since then unfortunately. Every now and then there hash been a hash or a SSS that has been arranged there. It's just a bit off my usual routes, but it's such a lovely, green area, I should really go more.

Last time it was only Mormor that came along, so today we took them both, to finish off this visit to Brunei as it should be finished - in the jungle.

We walked down to the waterfall again, but since there hasn't been much rain the last few days, it a little bit less flowing than last time.

But we did see a turtle taking a little swim!

There is a couple of different playgrounds around for the kids:

They also have some equipment in the park, for those who want to do some extra exercising! the kids tried it all out of course:

Even Morfar had a go!

The reflexology walking track. Although neither Lucas nor Linnea were too impressed. "It just hurt!" they said.

The Tasek Lama Recreational Park is a really lush place, and it is very popular too. It's situated right in the middle of town, and lots of people use it for their daily exercise, mostly early in the morning or later in the afternoon.

Mormor and Morfar sure enjoyed their last little stroll through the jungle!

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Självförbättraren said...

Verkligen fin bild på något sätt den på Linnea och Lucas(?) bakifrån. Fina färger och fin stämning!