Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Netball newbie

On Monday night I tried something new, netball!

There is a Brunei Social Netball Club here that play every Monday and everyone is welcome so I tagged along this week. I never even knew about netball until I came out here actually. It's kind of like basketball, but only very slightly.
Even though I was new, the rules weren't really explained to me, I had to "learn by playing"... Well, let's just say I got whistled at a lot!

You see, it's only slightly like basket ball, lots of the rules are different:
When you play in a certain position, you are only allowed to move in certain "zones" on the court. You are not allowed to score unless you are one of the two attack players. You can't move while you have the ball (i.e no dribbling), you can't throw the ball past a zone, you can't be closer than 3ft to another player etc etc.
It was a lot to take in in one game but I'm already looking forward to next time! At least I've got one thing down already - I have the proper height! :D


M said...

Hi there!

Found your blog last night while googling for everything Brunei. And I really enjoyed reading through the posts. It's interesting to read about Brunei from an expat point of view.

I myself am from Brunei. But have been living in Australia for the past 10 years. Haven't been back for the last couple of years and definitely missing home and looking forward to finally going back and living there. Although I must admit, also a little nervous..
And it'll also be interesting to see how my child will adapt to living in Brunei.

I'm sure you don't feel that Brunei is 'home' to you most times but it's great to read how you've managed to make it feel like one for yourself and family. :)

What's this 'hash' activity that you and your friends do? I'm into running myself and it'll be great to know what sports/social activities are on offer in Brunei.

All the very best! ;)


philip bowler said...

Are you still playing netball?
We are an expat social netball team looking to play a team in brunei and see some orangutans as well. Can you help??