Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Walking around Kota Kinabalu

We only spent two days up in KK this time. It might not really seem enough, because there is a lot do see and do, but our main priority was the orang utans - so we were happy, mission accomplished!

After getting back from the Nature Reserve on Monday, we stopped on the way to have lunch at the big mall 1Borneo, and then later took a long stroll around the center of KK itself. Down along the waterfront, passing the vegetable market and the handicraft market, passing the many restaurants and walking up through the many streets, to finally get back to the hotel.

Having the map was a good idea, because even though KK isn't that big - we didn't quite agree on where we were going..! :)

The hotel we stayed in, Hyatt Regency, was really nice. I have stayed in my fair share of hotels around the world, and I was actually quite impressed by the service and standard of this one.
We had connecting rooms, and we all really enjoyed all the facilities - even the oddly placed bathroom..?

Mum and Dad kept their room quite cool though, so when I was watching TV in theirs after the kids were asleep, it was a bit chilly! :)

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