Friday, 30 March 2012

A day at Universal Studios

On our second day in Singapore we decided to split up and do different things. Mormor and Morfar had their aim set on the Singapore Botanical Gardens, and the rest of us had decided to spend the day on Sentosa, at Universal Studios!

We had such a fun day, complete with lots of rides, dinosaur lunch, souvenir shopping, a Waterworld show and other cool stuff!

Universal Studios Singapore consists of seven different zones, 'The Lost World' (dinosaur themed), 'Madagascar', 'Far Far Away' (Shrek themed), 'New York', 'Ancient Egypt', 'Sci-Fi City' and 'Hollywood'.
It's not a very, very big theme park; or maybe it was because it wasn't peak season and not many people in the park - but we managed to cover it all in about half a day.
We did all the rides we wanted to go on, some even twice and no queues were longer than 15 minutes! Mostly thanks to the very very efficient staff I would say. There was just no mucking about, people on the ride - people off the ride - people on the ride - people off the ride. Everything done with clear instructions and order.

Compared to Hong Kong Disneyland, there wasn't as many adults (...) taking up space on the rides and in the queues for taking pictures with the characters either. We met both the animals from 'Madagascar', a Transformer, Winnie Woodpecker and Kung Fu Panda. Pretty cool!

There was a few rides we didn't go on, one roller coaster that was all in the dark (wise after our experience with 'Space Mountain' in Hong Kong Disneyland), the new Transformers ride which unfortunately broke down just as we were queuing up and of course not the big roller coasters either! They looked cool though, but no.

Here's a slide show of our day at Universal Studios:

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