Friday, 26 February 2010

A magic day

We've survived the first of this weekend's two big challenges today: a whole day at Disneyland! (Vicky thinks this might actually have been the bigger challenge of the two.. ha ha!)

It's been a great day though, especially for the kids. They weren't too impressed with the Space Mountain (inside roller coaster in the dark...) but apart from that, they had a magical day!

Lucas got to meet Buzz Lightyear and liked the rides in the 'Tomorrowland'. Linnea finally got to meet not just her favourite princess Snow White, but also Cinderella! Oh happy day!

What surprised me though, was how full the park was of groups of adults - without any children with them! They even went on all the rides, by themselves... very odd. It was kind of creepy and slightly annoying too, since it made the wait for the children so much longer at every attraction.

The Disneyland visit wouldn't have been complete without the big Disney Parade, although we watched the middle-of-the-day one since we (very rightly) didn't think either one of us would last until the evening one.

Instead all the kids got to choose some presents, and off we went back home all tired and happy!

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