Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Feb will be fab!

Back home, February is mostly just a "transportation month" to survive and get to some lighter and warmer days. People tend to just want to get through it quickly - especially this year I guess, with the winter-that-never-ends!

Here on the other hand, I have a feeling this will be a fab month! So much going on!
School is as busy as ever with Chinese New Year celebrations, Swimming Galas, Book Week etc etc; it's the Chinese New Year's hashes both for me and the kids and maybe we'll be lucky to get invited to some Chinese New Year celebrations!
It's Valentines Day; short midterm holiday, we are getting visitors from Denmark and at the end of the month we are off to Hong Kong for my first race, and to visit DisneyLand!

Feb will be fab!


tinylou said...

and then... Breathe.. wow! a mega busy month i feel?

Katarina said...

Ha en bra månad med alla dina aktiviteter!

Hoppas det går bra med träningen också.