Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Swimming gala 2010

Today the kids took part in the yearly Swimming Gala at school. This year it took place over two days, and the older kids from Year 2-5 did theirs on Friday - which meant it was not so busy around the pool nor for kids nor parents this year.
Lucas' year group came out first, and they got split in two groups; one that did their thing in the shallow pool and one that were confident enough to swim 25 meters. Lucas got sorted to swim, and they were supposed to swim two races in heats of three or four people at a time. Boys and girls in different heats.
Here he is waiting his turn:

First race was freestyle, and he sat off beautifully:

He has got a very nice stroke! He got quite preoccupied with his friends being faster than him though, and fell behind quite a bit...

Unfortunately (well...) he came in last in his heat, and being Lucas and someone who likes to win, he didn't take to that to well at all... When it was time for him to do his second race - he just backed out and didn't want to go. *Sigh* He was "tired"... Mhm...
So, he was the only child who sat out a race, sulking. It was such a shame. (We talked about it when we got home, and he said he didn't want to do it because he knew he was going to be last again... So we had to have a big chat about winning and loosing, participating and trying - and having fun etc etc...) He only ruined the day for himself - and boy is life going to be hard, if he is going to sulk every time he doesn't win!

Linnea and her friends came out a bit later, here she is waiting, rearing to go!

They did four quick heats, without any timing, and without any winners or loosers.

They all got a ribbon, and a chocolate medal. (I personally think that the older kids should all have gotten something too, after all, they are only five/six years old...)
She was very happy!

With her whole class: