Monday, 15 February 2010

Lion Dancing

Today we spent all afternoon at the Yacht Club, enjoying our first extra day off with some swimming and play. It was completely crammed there today, because they had Lion Dancers coming in!
The kids were very excited, but didn't quite know what to expect. Lucas only vaguely remembered last years performance, and Linnea not really.

Poor Linnea got totally frightened when they started and no wonder, cause the music was so, so loud and the lions were really boisterous and in everybody's face. But then she came around and fed the lion with her ang paow and even cuddled it a bit!
Lucas digged the music and also fed a lion. He also managed to get a cheeky sneak peak under the lion..! As curious as ever.

Lucas feeding the lion:

The music:

Lucas checking out the lion:

Linnea giving the lion a pat:

Waiting for the lions to eat the oranges:

Just like last year, it was loud and fascinating, mesmerizing and engaging - I love it!

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