Thursday, 18 February 2010

I don't do cold!

No, no, no - what is going on?!
We're off to Hong Kong in a week, and my friend there is telling me that today it's only +7° C and raining! They are wearing woolly jumpers, mittens, hats and winter jackets! No, no, no...

And it's not much better in Sweden, they still have tons of snow, with more coming, and plenty of minus degrees, brrr! Apparently the meteorologists have said that spring is not coming for the next six weeks! Hey - that's not until after we're gone again!
No, no, no...

S-u-n, people, I want sun. Not too hot, but at least sun! Pretty please?

1 comment:

TinTin said...

Better get used to it. Not to mention you have more sun than all of us combined, so DEAL, sister! :D