Friday, 19 February 2010

Flower Assembly

This morning we were invited to see Lucas' class assembly they were doing about flowers. They have been studying plants, seeds and flowers for a couple of weeks now. They even did an excursion last week to the Rimba Nursery and each bought a plant to look after for the rest of the term.
This is how beautfully they had decorated the assembly room in their flower theme:

And here is Lucas' pink little plant:

They told us a little bit about seeds, plants and flowers; sang a few songs about flowers and also told us a story - accompanied with some nice performances by Lucas and his friends.
The story was about five little seeds (Lucas being one of them) who flew in the wind. One of them flew up on the top of the snowy mountain, and of course couldn't live there as it was too cold, one ended up in the sea and drowned and one flew out in the desert and couldn't grow of lack of water.
Lucas was the fourth seed, who landed in nice soil. He started to grow a little bit...

... but he was next to a big weed, that took all his light...

... so he died too!

(Of course all the seeds who didn't make it, "died" in true Hollywood-fashion... It was very entertaining to watch!)

But in the end of the story, finally one little seed made it and grew up to be a tall, pretty flower that all the butterflies and bees came to visit. The end.

They also told jokes about flowers. I didn't quite get Lucas' allocated joke at first though:

- If April showers bring May flowers - what does May flowers bring?
- ?
- Pilgrims!

I had to Google, and the 'Mayflower' was a famous ship, that brought pilgrims from the UK to the USA back in 1620. Aha..!

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