Tuesday, 23 February 2010

In the meantime...

We are happy today for the short rain fall we had this morning, was hoping for more, but at least the hash wont be wet this afternoon!

In the meantime in Sweden, the 'snow chaos' continues. It has been a freaky cold winter back home, with lots and lots and lots of snow in the whole country - and it's not over yet. (I think "Ha! Good on all you guys who bragged about your 'White Christmas' and made me homesick - you can keep having the snow now!)

In some places it has been the coldest winter in 50 years - and in most of Sweden, it hasn't been so cold since the 1980s! The amount of snow they are having hasn't been seen in decades either, it's crazy!
The recent days, all trains in Sweden have been canceled and the subway traffic in Stockholm has also been severely disturbed. It's total mayhem!

I'm happy I'm here not there right now - but I sure hope it's calmed down a bit in a months time!

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