Wednesday, 24 February 2010

A different hash

Every Tuesday at 5.15 pm the horn goes at the hash and off we trot into the jungle. Yesterday was no different.

We had quite a normal albeit a bit 'commando' (lots of crawling under and over tree branches and other rubble) at one of our usual sites. As we had some trouble finding one of the checks, it took us longer than normal to complete the whole route. Normally the front-runners are out after about 45 minutes (even though every hash is different, we try to keep them the same length, more or less) - last night we weren't out until nearly 6.30, after an hour and fifteen minutes.

We felt rather worn afterward and thoroughly enjoyed our 100plus drinks. It had been a lot of ups and downs and our legs had gotten a good workout.

Normally that's the end of the run; after the front-runners have come out, the 'walkie-talkies' come trickling after in small groups and after about an hour and a half everybody normally are out.
That's normally.
Not yesterday...

Yesterday was a totally different story.
While we were sitting there huffing and puffing a bit, we realized that two of our eldest hash members (they both have over 1000 (!) hashes under their belt) for some strange reason had decided to go all the way around, and they were still in there! It was about to get dark, and we knew that neither one of them carried water (as they normally just go in for a bit, turn around and come out again) so we had to send a few people back in to bring water and flash lights, and help them out.
A few of the more experienced hashers went back in, and the rest of us got on with the proceedings meanwhile, with the on-on and the food.
We got some reports along the way that it was taking a lot time than they had expected, because both ladies by now were very tired and dehydrated. One of them had lots of pain in her knees, but they were moving, one step at the time.

At 10.15 pm they came out!
Nearly (as they always start about 45 mins before the rest of us to get a head start, as they are slow walkers at the best of times) SIX hours later! Six hours (five for the rescuers) in the jungle, mostly in the dark... can you imagine!
They were both fine, and their "rescuers", when they got out, dehydrated, but ok.

So, some drama at the hash yesterday, a bit different to normal. Not that they ever were lost as such, but still I'm glad it wasn't me. I don't think I would be so keen on the jungle in the dark..!

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