Thursday, 18 February 2010


I'm not very involved in how the justice system works in detail here in Brunei, but have caught a slight glimpse of it the last few months.
We have all closely followed the ongoing court case about our friend who lost her life in the hit-and-run accident last year.
It's been a long and very drawn out process but finally yesterday the lady who hit her, got her sentence: 18 months in prison.
Only 18 months!

Consider that this lady didn't have a valid drivers license and had made no attempt for the last three years to renew it.
Consider that she already had TWO previous convictions for careless driving.
Consider that she tried to conceal the damage made to her car in the accident, by taking it to a work shop.
Consider finally that although she didn't have a valid license to drive - she was still driving herself to court every day of the case!

Does only 18 months in jail seem fair? Is that really justice?
I don't think so.

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