Saturday, 6 February 2010

Peace of mind

A while back I bought a copy of the 'Runner's World' magazine, and saw a small ad for something called a RoadID. It's a bracelet (or you can have it around your ankle) with your details on it, i.e your name, emergency contact, if you have any medical issues etc. It's meant to easily identify you, if something happens to you while you are out exercising.

I thought this was a brilliant idea, for many reasons:
For example, when Granddad had his accident two years ago (he got knocked off his bike by a logging truck and became unconscious), it took several hours before anyone managed to find out who he was. He did have his phone on him, in the pocket of his bike shirt, with an ICE (In Case of Emergency) number in it, but they had ignored it completely.
Nathan used to have my number written on his old bike and all over his old helmet, with a marker pen; but of course he doesn't want to put any scribbles on his new gear!

Also, sometimes here I go running by myself, without any form of ID on me. Even though Brunei is small, and I would probably quickly be identified - this RoadID is a cheap way of ensuring someone can get hold of Nathan, quickly.

(The phone numbers have been edited out here for privacy reasons)

So, we ordered some! Not just for us actually - everybody we know here who are also out on their bikes or out running, got interested too! So we made a big order of RoadIDs, all in different colours! Maybe we'll start a new trend here in Brunei now!

Actually, we also ordered two for the kids - to wear when we go to places with lots of people, i.e DisneyWorld etc. Their ones says "My name is Lucas/Linnea. If I'm lost, pls call..." and our numbers. We usually write our mobile phone numbers with ink pen on their arms, so we thought this was a better option!

Now let's just hope we never need to use them!

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vilken bra ide!