Thursday, 25 February 2010

In the real world

We are in Hong Kong, hourray! I was so ready to get out of Brunei for a while!

Brunei is a very special place and I enjoy living there, every time I've been away I'm always happy to return. I do like living there and we have a very rich, relaxed and happy life as a family. Lot's of time together as a family, which was the main reason we moved out there in the first place.
But as just me, sometimes it's hard.

Brunei is a very small country, and the expat community is even smaller and very close; something which can be both good and bad. It's nice to have an extensive safety net and friends wherever you go, but when you can't even change your hair colour without people knowing before you've even left the salon, it gets a bit too intense.

So, it's nice to be out in the "real" world, where there are a bit more people, a bit more diversity and where you don't know every expat you meet on the street!

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Katarina på Filippinerna said...

Ha rolig i Hong Kong! Reser själv dit på tisdag för några dagar innan två veckors vår semestern i snön med skidåkning!

Ha de gott!