Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Small windows of opportunity

During the recent very rainy "wet period" I started being a bit worried that all the rain was going to mess with my running schedule. Well, as it turned out it was actually rather nice to run in the rain! (You got wet of course, but never cold here). Something I discovered, because I just had to get out there and do my running, rain or no rain.

Lately we have had the opposite kind of weather, really dry and really hot. That's not optimal running conditions either... I'm really hard to please!

In fact, it's not easy at all getting to do your exercise if you want to do it outside here in Brunei. In a decent temperature that is.
You only have two options, it's either really early in the morning before it gets too hot, or in the late afternoon when the sun isn't baking as much. But you have the problem of the light - as the sun doesn't get up until around 06.30 am. If you go out before that you'll be in the dark. It's the same in the evening, if you stay out too long, you'll be in the dark after 6.30 pm...

So far, it's been working out all right. I've had time to do my runs sometime between 5-6.30 pm, most days. But if I'm going to extend my running training and do longer runs to get ready for a half-marathon, I'm not quite sure what I'll do.
Either I'll have to start earlier in the afternoon and just suffer through the sun until it goes down, or I'll have to go back to running on the treadmill inside...

This is the one annoying thing with exercising outside in Brunei, I can never really go out when I want to go out or when it suits me and the family schedule. I'm totally in the hands of the sun and the temperature and only have that small window every afternoon when I can go.
I'm looking forward to getting home to Sweden, and being able to go out whenever it suits me!

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