Friday, 30 January 2009

Swimming Gala 09

Today it was time for another eagerly anticipated annual event at school: the Swimming Gala. All the kids in school take part in swimming competitions in the morning, all according to their ability of course. Linnea's class just splashed around, Lucas class did races - but everyone got a medal!

Linnea and her class mates were split in two groups, and came over to the shallow pool:

I was impressed to see that she actually swam for about 2-3 meters under water, all by herself!


Lucas and his year group were also split up in different groups, and they did four different heats. First normal swimming:

Then "back kicking":

Supporting the friends:

Linnea receiving her medal:

Noodle riding heat (Lucas is in the black and yellow swimsuit):

Waiting for their turn (the school has a really nice swimming pool):

Ringo heat:

It was a nice morning and I really think the kids appreciate that we are there to support them. I certainly am happy that I have the opportunity to take part in all these activities they do!

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