Saturday, 17 January 2009

Bye-bye best friends!

We have been talking about it for what feels like forever, that it's time to get Linnea off her dummies. Mostly because it's been hard work to restrict them to only sleeping; she has been giving us a hard time about wanting them all the time, and more often than not, she has won - and we have given in and let her have them, cause we haven't been able to stand listening to her...

It never seemed like there was a perfect time though. We thought about it before Xmas, but then we were going travelling and didn't want to have her upset or risk disturbing the trip; then it was Xmas and we thought it would be unfair if she would have to give up her dummies in order to get pressies from Santa, but Lucas would get some anyway. Then we had visitors, and didn't want them to have unsettled nights if she would be upset etc...

Now, it's soon Lucas birthday, so yesterday we took the opportunity and decided that this was it! Now or never!
Linnea and I spent some time together yesterday wrapping all her dummies up in a beautiful parcel (after having had one last little smooch...), to leave outside for the fairies. We even wrote a little note, and made sure it was in plain sight, easy for the fairies to find.

She was awake quite a few times in the night, and of course, being Linnea - she wasn't sad she couldn't find her dummy, she was highly p****d off! :D
She could get calmed down though, and was ok with me just sitting there for a while, and slept all night without them! Big girl!

And could you believe it! This morning the fairies had been, taken the dummies and left three (!) parcels for Linnea! There was a little note saying that they were going to give the dummies to their babies, and they were very grateful for them - and happy that Linnea is now such a big girl!

Linnea of course was super excited - and she was very pleased to find some hairbands, a poster and a dog in a bag in her packages! She thought the fairies were sooo nice!
Let's just hope tonight she still remembers that there are no more dummies...


En häxa på vift said...

Yay! Vilken stor tjej och vilka snälla feer som lämnar tackgåvor. :)

Jag var nog en riktig skat-morsa, sa bara att Nope, nu får det räcka med napp och kastade bort alla (utom en som jag sparade utifall de skulle få världens utbrott). De gnällde lite första natten men sen kom de över det rätt snabbt.
Men present-ideén var riktigt bra. :)

Cissi said...

vilken duktig tjej!