Thursday, 29 January 2009

Chinese New Year in Kindy

Today it was Linnea's turn to celebrate Chinese New Year in school. All the kids came to school dressed in Chinese clothes, and all the Kindy classes had organized a lovely parade for us parents to come and watch.
They got separated into three groups, Linnea was in the music instrument group, who was supposed to play music really loud (to scare away the dragon!), there was one group who banged on pots and pans to make even louder noise, and the last group was making out the dragon itself.

They had also made special hats which they wore, and mini-dragons they were waving around:

Here is the amazing dragon they had made:

Leaving the classroom, first the dragon...

... then the noise-makers...

... and Linnea:

They were absolutely adorable, paraded around the whole school.

Some of the audience on their way:

Here they are passing by the Reception classes, all the big kids were outside their classrooms watching the parade and applauding them. Lucas said to Nathan later when he came to pick him up: "I saw Linnea, I loved her doing that!".

The dragon's body was made out of hand- and footprints by the kids, very decorative:

Afterward they had a Chinese party, with loads of food - and they also made some more Chinese decorations, and each got a candy-orange and an Ang Pao (red envelope) with them home. Another great happening at school!

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Sofia said...

Roligt, tänk så mycket de får vara med om våra barn. Snacka om att vara förberedda på ett globalt liv!