Friday, 30 January 2009


There are special times every year, when my home sickness accelerates. Usually it's over the holidays, like for example at Midsommar (=Midsummer), and even skolavslutningen (=end of school celebrations) and it definitely peaks at Advent (=the 24 days in December before Christmas).

Especially around Advent it's really hard, and I don't enjoy my blog roll as much as usual because I get so jealous of everybody decorating for Christmas, enjoying candle light lit evenings and cosy nights in with lussekatter and glögg.

But hey, now it's my turn to enjoy! At the moment it's just grey, cold and boring back home. The stories on the blogs are full of wet winter overalls, chilly weather, heavy skies, soggy footpaths et. Everybody seems to be waiting eagerly for spring (which is still far away in their corner of the world) and being tired of the dark days. It's a bit gloomy on the blogs to say the least - and I can revel in living in constant sunshine! :)

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