Sunday, 4 January 2009

Lovely day on the boat

Our friends the Wellanders arrived on Friday night from Sweden. They are only going to spend a week with us, so we have set a busy program to make sure we show them all the best parts of Brunei.
Yesterday, since they were slightly jetlagged, we took it easy and only went for a short excursion to our second home, the Yacht Club. Today, we took them out on the boat - which was lovely.

We anchored up by a beach and jumped off the boat for a swim to start with. Then we blew up the biscuit and drove around for a while, Fredrik was first:

Lucas and Tilda pulling him in:

Linnea wanted to have a go as well, she went with Nathan:

And Tilda took a ride with Fredrik:

Me in my new boat hat!

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Anna said...

Vad kul ni ser ut att ha, halsa. Kram Anna