Sunday, 25 January 2009

The new additions

Since there will be no more babies in this family, we have thought a while about adding to the family in another way - getting a puppy.
Both our kids are terribly afraid of dogs (we don't know why really) and we thought having a puppy would make them overcome their fear, and also - pets are good for children.
Plus, out here, having a guard dog is a very good thing. As they are very afraid of dogs out here, no one will come near our house if we had a dog!

So - say hello to...

... Jay and Mocha!

We picked these little sweeties up today, not quite sure who their mummy is. They were saved from a storm drain during the floods together with their siblings, seven of them in total.
Our plan was to have just one, but we figured he would be lonely, so we ended up with two little chocolate brown ones. Lucas insisted on one being named 'Jay', and when it turned out they were both boys Linnea had to change her initial idea of 'Princess' but couldn't come up with anything better, so we named him Mocha.

At the moment they are in our laundry, because they are still very young, but with time they will move outside and live outside and be guard dogs. Let's hope they grow up to be nice dogs!

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