Saturday, 17 March 2012

Everyday life for the Watsons

Mormor and Morfar purposely planned their stay here, so that they would come while the kids still had a week left in school before the holidays, for a couple of different reasons.
For one, there was a few things they wanted to do that the kids wouldn't have been to keen on, like the museum visits etc.

Also, they wanted to see how our life is down here. As it's been 3 1/2 years since their last visit, much have changed, and it's always nice to get to see by themselves how the weeks roll by for us - with school, after-school-activities, homework, work, Zumba classes etc etc.
So this week they've just come along and done what we normally do!

Apart from Hash on Tuesdays, our normal everyday life means everyday school drop-offs and pick-ups:

After-school football for Lucas:

This week Lucas also had a House t-ball competition one afternoon:

Shopping for groceries, here at the "Monkey Supasave" supermarket. This is just at the parking lot. Please note the sign..:

It also means Zumba for me. And no, Mormor didn't Zumba, ha ha, she was just cheering on from the back of the room! :)

I try to walk the dogs a couple of times a week:

Usually our everyday life also equals the Yacht Club at some point during the weekend. This weekend we were there yesterday, and might even go again tomorrow! It's very hard to get tired of that place - it's so relaxing.

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