Saturday, 31 March 2012

Fun to be a Watson!

I have been writing this blog now for 4 1/2 years. Having a blog normally means lots of "one-way-communication". Friends and family can follow our life and see what we are up to, but unfortunately they often forget to keep in touch themselves... While they know how we are doing thanks to the blog - we have no idea how they are!

Having this blog also means I get quite a few emails by people interested in Brunei, as there is not much other information to find out there on the internet. Very often I get contacted by people about to relocate here, and I always try my best to answer all their questions and queries. Some of these email conversations have even led to friendships!

My blog has also received some internet awards, it has been listed on expat blog rolls, I've been asked if I would mind getting quoted and I've been contacted to do little interviews about things related to blogs/traveling/Brunei etc.

Of course I've also had my share of odd and rude comments - but that comes with having a public blog I guess.

This week though, I got this really nice email that really made me smile, from a reader in Indonesia. This is what she wrote me:

"I just want to tell you that your blog is amazing and I love your family, it seems really fun to be a Watson :D I've never been at Brunei, and neither leave Java Island (except on school trips to Bali, of course) and I found that Brunei is a really cool place. Even though it's small, but very well-organized and fun. I'd like to visit Brunei one day."

Well Chelle, while I'm dreaming of someday going to Bali, I hope you make it to Brunei one day - I'm sure you'll love it here!


Självförbättraren said...

Du borde få betalt av sultanatet för att du gör landet mer attraktivt:-)

Velveter Chelle said...

uwaaa, you quoted me!! xDD
I get really shocked when I read this >u<
but I'm happy that that email made your day /blush/