Sunday, 11 March 2012

Straight into the jungle

First day here, and we took Mormor straight into the jungle!
It was Kids Hash today, something we enjoy, and I thought a short little stroll through the jungle would be good for the jet lag...

Well, the kids took off up ahead with some friends, along the shorter route, and was out in about 35 minutes.
Mormor and I... we got out after about 50 minutes. Maybe going into the jungle on the first day in the tropics wasn't such a good idea? :/
Just having gone in - still smiling!

Then it got a bit more challenging and the hills never seemed to end, up and down we went...

Ah well, it was beautiful and a proper jungle hash at least, very enjoyable with a bit of mud and some water crossings, nothing too yuk. I bet Mormor will sleep well tonight though!

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