Wednesday, 14 March 2012

St Patrick's Day Run

Every Tuesday without fail, if I'm in the country, I do the Hash. This week it was my 137th run - and Mormor's 1st! (The Kids Hash counts separately).
I didn't think after Sundays escapades in the jungle, that she would actually agree on coming along again, but I promised we would only go 10 minutes in, and then turn around and go out again, so it was ok.

Before the run:

In the jungle, the mighty jungle..:

Nearly out again:

At the on-on, the hares getting their down-down.

They are dressed in green since it was the St Patrick's Day Run. Only one of them is Irish, one is married to one and the last one - I guess she was in it for the fun!

And here is Mormor and the other first time guest of the night (coincidentally also our new neighbour, they are moving into the Roses house soon!), getting their down-down:

For some reason they didn't have any water on the Hash last night, so Mormor got a Baileys..! :)

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