Friday, 30 March 2012

Ribs, we meet again!

Monday night we had actually planned to do the Night Safari at the Singapore Zoo; something I've been wanting to do for quite a while but the last few times we've been to Singapore it has never really suited.
We have visited quite a few different Zoological Parks with the kids, but this Night Safari is supposed to be really good, and a different kind of Zoo experience.
So now was the time, since the kids are finally big enough to be up late enough to enjoy it - but... it started to rain, so we thought... nah.

Already in the taxi when the drizzle started, we made a quick detour to Orchard Road, and went for dinner instead. Lucas' choice - Tony Romas; as soon as he heard Nathan mention that it existed in Singapore, there was nowhere else we could've gone... He still remembers our ribs dinners in Perth.

We brought some peace along:

But didn't need it for Lucas, he actually fell asleep in the middle of his dinner, bless him. Must have been a hard day...

Morfar was still kind of full from that "light" lunch, so he looked at the menu at picked something that "only had four pieces".
Well, turned out he had ordered four pieces of beef ribs... slightly bigger than normal ribs... Ha ha! But he finished, of course!

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