Thursday, 22 March 2012

Royal Regalia Building

Yesterday we went for a lush lunch at the Tasek Brasserie at the Radisson. Something Nathan and I have been planning to do for quite a while and which was long overdue. We all had nice food, and when the kids were done they could play in the pool while the rest of us finished off with coffee, and dessert...s...

Then we went across the parking lot to the Royal Regalia Building for a re-visit. Mormor and Morfar went there last time too, but wanted to have another look. It's quite an amazing collection of Royal gifts, and the whole display that commemorates the Silver Jubilee Celebrations is rather impressive too.
Also last time we thought cameras were prohibited all over, we didn't know we were actually allowed to take photos in the foyer - so this time we didn't miss any Kodak moments!

It's all very golden and glitzy. This f.e is the Royal Chariot that was used during the coronation of the current Sultan, in 1968:

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