Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Last KK pics

After the visit at the Lok Kawi Wildlife Park on Tuesday we went back into KK again. We had promised the kids a favourite of theirs for lunch and had to follow through - so KFC next..!

After lunch, it was time for another little spot of shopping in the mall closest to the hotel, Sutera Mall (?). Linnea found a shop called "Girls":

A coffee break (with donuts for some) later and we had gathered enough energy to go out to the airport to go back home to Brunei again.

Unfortunately for us, not only were we really early getting out there, but there was nowhere to eat anything once we had gone through to airside... Bad planning.
Only option was Starbucks for dinner, which probably wasn't the most healthy dinner we've ever had... :/ But at least they have good coffee, and there was internet access.

We ended up staying at Starbucks until they closed, because the food issue wasn't the end of our bad luck - our flight also got delayed about 1 1/2 hours (a bummer considering the flight itself was only 25 minutes)... Lucky I had that iPad with movies on it for the kids, although in the end they fell asleep on the airport benches, bless them...

It was freezing in the airport too, we had to keep moving about to keep warm, and Linnea and I got this great idea to go and warm up under the hand dryer in the ladies room..! :) Well, it did the trick!

It was nice to get home to our own, warm beds last night for sure!

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