Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Bandar Waterfront

Also since Mum & Dad were here last, there has been a lot of work done in Bandar city center, especially along the waterfront.
Since the visit at the 'Arts and Handicrafts Center' didn't take us more than 15 minutes (...) we still had quite some time to kill yesterday, so we went for a walk to have a look at the development and new buildings along there.

It was really hot, because it was in the middle of the day, just after lunch; so when we saw this sign, we decided to check it out. Even if it was just to escape the heat for a while!

Imagine what a surprise we got, discovering a fabulous art exhibition inside this storage looking building, with free entrance!

Lots of really nice art work in there, really worth a visit!

When we kept walking, there was another door into something that looked like another exhibition. So, since we were feeling adventurous we peeked in there too and discovered an exhibit about the development of Bandar.
It was unfortunately all in malay, but we took a quick look at some of the pictures and photos - again, it was all free.

Finally we took some photos of the river and the Water Village, always a nice spot.

Maybe one of these days we'll do a "Monkey Trip" up the river again, but we'll wait until the kids are out of school for that one. They wouldn't want to miss that!

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