Thursday, 22 March 2012

Bruneian road trip

There are not that many places we can road trip to here in Brunei, it's quite a small country after all! If we do drive anywhere further away than the normal 30-40 minutes, it's normally down the coast and into Malaysia, to Miri.

Today we went sort of halfway down that way though, to Seria, a town I hadn't stopped to visit before. We went to the Oil and Gas Discovery Center. I had purposely saved the visit there until we had visitors to take along, and today was the day.

If I didn't know that my parents do enjoy driving around and watching the scenery, it would have been a bit of a long drive just to go to this place. It was a nice visit, but it wasn't very big.
There was an exhibit about the history of oil here in Brunei, and also more general around the world. There was also lots of experiments to take part in, brain games, science projects etc.

Testing the brain activity, the goal to make the ball move was to r-e-l-a-x...

Trying hard!

Lucas trying a bit more zen-like approach:

Creating a tsunami wave:

Experiencing a tornado:

We did have a good time here, it's well worth a visit (maybe on the way to or from Miri?) and as a bonus Nathan did get to go to the Seria bike shop on the way home!

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