Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Lok Kawi Wildlife Park

On our second day in KK we took a taxi out to a place we had got recommended called the Lok Kawi Wildlife Park.

It was a really nice little zoo, and it even had a tram we took a ride on around the park!

We saw loads of different animals. Crocodiles:


Strange type of buffalos:

Funny blue bird..:

Proboscis monkeys (even though we have them in the jungle at home, it was nice to see them up close!). Bless them, they are really not pretty with their big noses and huge bellys!

Capuchin monkeys. Maybe it was Herr Nilsson (=Pippi Longstocking's monkey, or rather a distant cousin!)?

More orang utans:

Mini horses? Not so exotic, for us at least.

A very sleepy tiger:

Borneo Pygmy elephants, the world's smallest elephant species. Lucas liked these small elephants, he took most of the following photos himself:

This one decided to go for a bath as we were standing there. He got in deeper and deeper in the water.

Stealth elephant!

Even I got caught on camera by Lucas!

Part of the park is a "Botanical Garden". It's a paved trail through the jungle that is about 1.4 kilometers long. However, Mormor and Morfar only walked part of it - they turned around when they got to this:

The garden showcases different ginger plants, pitcher plants, therapeutic plants and many other.

Also, the park offered a very nice Animal Show which was run by a great team.

We all really enjoyed it, and both kids participated in it too!
Lucas got chosen to compete against Mowgli, the orang utan - in getting a piece of sweet potato out of a box, with just a stick:

Lucas won, and then Mowgli cheated and lifted the lid - to take out his piece! :D Cheeky monkey!

We also got to meet some clever macaws who could do all sorts of tricks, like raising the Malaysian flag, playing basket ball and cleaning up recycling!

They had a tame civet called Kit-Kat (remember the coffee in this post? It's "made" by this animal):

And later in the show they took out a big snake. The guy needed a volunteer to come and touch it and he had hardly finished his plea before Linnea was standing up next to him!

She got to touch the snake, and since she wasn't scared - she also got to hold it! She didn't even flinch!

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Terry Bytheway said...

I loved the Lok Kawi Wildlife Park. We went on day when it was raining a little. All the animals were so lively. The tiger was roaring the monkeys were chasing each other through the trees. We had the place almost to ourselves too. They seemed to be the happiest zoo animals I have ever seen.