Saturday, 31 March 2012


When Mormor and Morfar got home the other day, their crocus had nearly finished blossoming already. I've been reading about the arrival of spring in Sweden in my blog roll the past week, and it's been making me homesick. It's such a lovely time of the year, when the flowers break through the ground, the shops start selling soft ice and you can start wearing your fabric shoes again!

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Today they've had snow in the most part of Sweden, even the south, and have had to dig out hats and mittens again.

Oh, how it's so much easier living in a country where the temperature is constant, and warm!

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Anki72 said...

Snön höll sig till södra delarna av Sverige och missade tack och lov oss i Dalarna. :)
Tulpanerna i mina rabatter är på g som aldrig förr. Våren har kommit hit en hel månad tidigare än vanligt.
Vi njuter!!