Saturday, 31 March 2012

Relaxed last day

Mormor and Morfar left Singapore Wednesday night (we left the hotel 24 hrs later than they did, but still they only got into their door at home an hour before we got into ours... It's a long trip!) and we met up with the Foxes for dinner.
I managed not to take one single photo though! Shame on me! They took us to a great Italian restaurant for a scrumptious pizza and wine evening. Yum. We had such a nice time, good to see them!

As I said we had an extra day in Singapore as Nathan was off anyway so we were in no rush to get home. We took our time at breakfast:


Then we met up with the Roses for lunch and some (more) shopping, had to do a quick stint back to Orchard Road for some specific purchases. Finally we chilled out at their apartment before going to the airport.

They live on the 23rd floor and have a great view out over the coast line:

It really is quite high...

Also a nice view over town, especially at sunset and when all the lights come on:

Kids got to have their dinner outside on the balcony. How nice?

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