Saturday, 3 March 2012

Back to the Kingdom of Unexpected Treasures

It's already been a year since the last Biker's Meet here in Brunei, can you believe it!! Gosh, time flies! For the second year in a row, this weekend Jerudong Park hosted the "Ride to the Kingdom of Unexpected Treasures" Biker's Meet. This year, they expected about 2000 bikers to join in!
After Lucas' and my visit last year, I decided we would go again, and this time we brought along Lucas' friend George.

We walked around for a while and checked out all the cool bikes...

Some of the bikers had some special pets:

We also went into the Reptile Tent, where they had lots of different snakes and lizards you could pet and hold:

George was especially brave!

They also had a tent themed "Ghost rider", which was a ghost house - of course we had to see that too... Although, all the way through I had three kids around my legs going "I don't like it! I don't like it!" Ha ha! Not a great success..!

The coolest bike was this one, blowing out fire:

Even though I have no special interest in motorbikes, again I really enjoyed our afternoon. This is such a well organized event. There is a lot to look at, everybody is so friendly and it's definitely a cool excursion for the whole family. (Plus, any change to the normal weekend routine is always welcome!)

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