Saturday, 4 June 2011

Summer plans 2011

Better late than never, but I can finally start to piece together our plans for the summer holidays. Due to Ramadan and Hari Raya happening so early this year, we have a whopping 8 weeks off school in July-August! Super!
Something that would be even more super, if only Nathan could get some holidays too... but he can't. So he will be hanging around here, while the kids and I take off to Scandiland for a bit.

I hope he wont get too bored or lonely... :( but I guess that's inevitable...
On the bright side, he will be able to catch up on all the TV-shows I don't like to watch, and he should be superfit by the time we get back with all the training he can fit in whenever he feels like it! (He could even set up the trainer permanently in front of the TV..!) But all together, it kind of sucks.
That's life.

The kids and I will arrive in Sweden on the 12th of July, and depart again on the 13th of August, so we have a good month up there.

(Picture borrowed from this cool photo blog

So far, we will be in Karlstad around 23-26th of July and in Mölndal (Göteborg) for 10-13th of August. We also have a long weekend in Copenhagen booked in 4-7th of August and we will do Stockholm this time at some stage (Globen, Junibacken, Skansen & shopping!), but when is not decided yet.

So... if anyone would like to see us that's where you'll find us! Apart from those few little adventures we will be at my parents house so if you want a wild day out, we could meet at Skara Sommarland f.e! :)


annakey said...

Hej, Kommer du forbi UK?? Hoppas att allt ar bra med er alla. Skulle fraga dej forrut.....Vilket marke ar din vita klocka? KRam Kram

MrsW said...

Men visst, den där dagen vi redan pratat om - måndag 11e juli! Landar tidigt, tidigt och tar in på hotell vid Gatwick - sedan blir det nog en sväng till Crawley kan jag tänka.