Sunday, 5 June 2011

Whiti te ra

It's goodbye season in Brunei, yesterday we went to the first of many farewell parties coming up the next few weeks.

Last night it was time to say goodbye to a couple of our Kiwi friends, the Catos, who are returning home to NZ. I've known Cath since I first came to Brunei as she was at that time leading the toddler group I used to take Linnea to; later I've seen her every week at the Hash.

They held their party at the Yacht Club which was strangely dark when we arrived. It turned out a truck had taken out the power, and in fact the whole evening proceeded without electricity..!
Luckily the food was cooked on gas, and they had been able to source quite a few candles plus a generator to power the band - so not much different to normal actually.
Apart from the fact that the ceiling fans didn't work of course... I think we all reached a new level of sweaty last night! :)

We all had an absolutely awesome night though, regardless of the power failure. The Kiwi community is very strong here in Brunei and the Kiwi 'whanau' had prepared a showcase extravaganza for Cath & Paul plus a very touching farewell haka before the band took over and we danced (& Zumba'd!) the night away!

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