Monday, 20 June 2011

Not feeling it

It was Kids Hash yesterday and as it was at a very "easy" site, I finally managed to convince our neighbours to come along for the first time; well, Matt came with Oliver.
Linnea and I took them along the short trail. Here she is, giving a helping hand, always looking after Oliver.

The short one was in fact a 35 minute trot for nearly 2k. A good short one for once! (Sometimes they are only a few hundred meters and you are nearly out before you begin!)
Oliver didn't really like it though, and didn't want to walk at all. Matt got a fairly good workout since he had to carry him all the way. In the end he wasn't feeling it at all, bless him!

He warmed up after a while at the shout-up though, and by the time it was time to go home, he was all go! Let's hope he's got better timing next time!

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