Saturday, 11 June 2011

The Ugly Duckling

Lucas' Y2 Assembly yesterday was about how we all are friends no matter how different we all are; different hair colours, different interests, different talents, different languages, different skin colours, different backgrounds etc.

They started by singing a song about friendship:

They showed us the nearly obligatory slide show with some of the things they've been up to this year:

Then they acted out a play called "The Ugly Duckling who became a popstar".

It was really, really good! They were super confident, and even though some of them had many long lines - they had all memorized them perfectly.
Lucas was one of "The Swans", a pop group that had recently acquired a new member - Donald Duck, who was really a swan... and well, you know the story!

Lucas only had one line, but he did a superb dancing performance during their second song, which very suitably was a Justin Bieber song! They sang 'Never say never'.

He's got moves our boy! (I'll try to post a movie later.) Here's "The Swans":

It was a really great Assembly as all the students in the whole Assembly hall started singing along to the Bieber song, the atmosphere was fab! Well done Y2M!

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