Tuesday, 7 June 2011

The big surprise!

Last night after dinner the boys went off for a haircut and Linnea and I went outside to play with Oliver and have a chat with the Roses, as we do most days.
We talked about this and that, made a few plans for the rest of the week, and when it was time for their dinner at about 7, we said goodnight and see you tomorrow.

Well, imagine my surprise when I got the text even before my alarm this morning, that baby Luca Matthew Gordon Rose had arrived!
After a quick but safe delivery he is already here, about two weeks before time!

So, this afternoon after the kids came home from school, we went straight to the hospital to meet him. We brought balloons, gifts and a cake - it was a 'birth'day after all!

The happy mother, looking ravishing:

Everybody got to have a little hold, well, everybody but me really... it was a bit hard to convince Linnea to share... ;)
It was so nice to see how both kids were really taken with Luca, and enjoyed their cuddles.

Linnea sat with him for the longest time, all still - she would have just kept him if she could have her way!

Little Oliver was not too impressed by the baby, he was more interested in Lucas' game on the iPhone..!

We are so happy to have another little "Rose-bud" in our simpang!
Welcome Luca!

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