Thursday, 2 June 2011

Vroom, vroom!

Today we went to the birthday party for Linnea's class mate, Prince Wakeel. This year it was held at the Sports Complex at the Istana (=the Royal Palace) and both kids were very excited to get to go there!

They had set the whole area up completely in the theme of racing.
All decorations were in black, white and red; there was roads to walk on, stop signs and speed signs; the cake was a Ferrari, the 'Stig' was there..!
Plus there was tons of games to play, toys to play on and with and an array of entertainment offered from the big stage, competitions, magic shows, dance performances, you name it...

The kids had an absolute blast - and best of all, little Prince Wakeel had tons of fun too! He has certainly grown up, and was right into it all this year. He and Linnea were playing together in one of the water slides for hours.

Here's the slideshow:

It was a great afternoon, lots of fun had by all. We felt very lucky to get invited to celebrate with the little Prince, we sure had the best time!

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