Saturday, 4 June 2011

Warning! Dangerous Dog!

One of our dogs have shown not to be all that reliable around people so we have had to take some new precautions:
We have a new sign on the gate, warning people of 'Dangerous Dog', and we have had a new fence built so we can lock the dogs away at the back of the house. It's built in a way so they still have the whole back of our house and one side of the garden to move about in.
We will mostly use the enclosure to keep them away when we have people around for a longer period of time. It's definitely nicer for the dogs being able to still run around and have space, rather than being on the chains.

Today we tried it out for the first time, and even though we only locked them away for a couple of minutes they weren't happy about that at all. When we let them out again, Mocha stared us down and "talked" to us, growled and barked, almost like he was telling us he really didn't appreciate that! :)

Well, we think it's a better solution for everyone. Kids that come to visit don't have to worry about the dogs, and the dogs wont have to go on the chains so much.

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