Saturday, 25 June 2011

Exotic Zumbathon

Not all Zumba enthusiasts get to enjoy Zumba in the same way as we did this morning, we had a Zumbathon (= a two hour class) - by the beach!
It was the Empire that put it on again, like last time, but this time we were down under a huge sail by their Grand Hall, just by the beach.
Zumbathon, this way:

Palm trees, ocean, sandy beach... what a setting!

We weren't as many as last time, I guess the 'outside' bit scared a few people off, and yes, it was hot, hot, HOT! Close to 35 degrees, and no wind at all under that sail... I don't know if you guys back in Scandinavia can quite grasp how hard it is to exercise in 35 degrees heat?! The group of us that was there gave it our all though, and we had such a good morning! LOVE Zumba!

Half way through, enjoying some bananas and 100 plus:

Here's a little style study of my Zumba moves!

And this is how the floor looked where I was standing!

Group photo! Zumbaaaaaaa!

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