Saturday, 18 June 2011

Hear! Hear!

I often get compliments for my photos, which of course is really nice. But as often as I hear "You take amazing pictures!" I also hear "What camera do you have? It takes great photos."

Well... it's not the camera that takes the pictures, is it??

I stumbled over a blog post today by a photographer that have made a little scientific "experiment" to demonstrate this fact. You have to read it, she hits the nail on the head with her eloquent explanations.
You'll find the article here.

Hear, hear!

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Y+S said...

Hello im read yor blog for a time and im like your foto its so beutiful and im rememder when we where in backpacking in Brunei for many years ago.
Now we lives in Sao Vicente but we are in sweden for operation and now we stay cause im pragnent with 4 babys and one of them have born in tursday many weeks before...

Love Sara