Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Absolute Sommar

While driving to school this morning, we (once again...) discussed how many days are left until school is out for the summer, and how many days are left until we leave on our holidays.
Lucas realized that it's all happening really soon now and his face lit up in a huge smile and he said:
- "Mummy put some of that special music on!"

I didn't quite understand which music he meant at first, but he explained further:
- "That music we listen to when it's summer! Put that music on because we are traveling in the car! You know, like in the movies, when they are in a car - there is always music!"

Aaah, yes, every year when the end of the school year draws near and it's time for summer holidays I play this specific CD on repeat in the car - 'Absolute Sommar', a CD full of Swedish summer hits.

So of course I put it on, on full power, and we had a great road trip to school!
Can't wait until the holidays now!

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