Thursday, 23 June 2011

Boel the Biker

It wasn't only Nathan going out riding today, I did too! I thought I'd try out the new gear he got for me a couple of weeks ago..!

I got to ride "The Green Monster", Granddad's bike. After I trained a bit on getting my feet in and out of the cleats and got a quick explanation on how the gears worked, off we went - but only down to the neighbours! Hey, I needed someone to take a photo of us together for the blog on this big occasion! (Thanks Misuzu!)

We only went down to our old running track, where there is no traffic. I needed to get a feel for the bike, the gear changing, the shoes etc without too much interference.
It was good fun actually and I'll certainly try and get out there for more rides, all while taking it easy and being safe of course.

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