Friday, 24 June 2011

Midsommarafton Memories

Today it's Midsommarafton in Sweden, and the homesick feeling is hitting hard, as usual. It's been four years since we've had a proper Swedish Midsommar. I'm not going to depress about it too much, nothing I can do - I'll just keep dreaming that maybe one day before the kids get too old, we'll be getting to celebrate a Midsommarafton in Sweden again.

(Beautiful Midsommar flower photo borrowed from

You can read about the homesick feelings here, in last years Midsommar post. It's the same every year at these holidays.
You can read about my last attempt to have a "proper" Swedish Midsommarafton here, when Anna and I celebrated with some Swedes in Singapore.
You can read about how we normally celebrate Midsommarafton in Sweden and reminisce with me here, where I show you pictures of the two Midsommaraftons we actually have had - in Sweden!

But today, I'm celebrating very quietly and in a way kind of try to forget about what I'm missing. I just pay tribute to Midsommarafton, like this:

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