Saturday, 20 June 2009

The Brunei Swedes in Singapore

Anna and I had a cracking time in Singapore on Thursday. I really, really enjoy Singapore, it's a nice break from Brunei, with lots of people, lots of buzz, lots of variety, lots of shops, lots of things to do, lots of everything! I'm not sure I could live there, but it sure is great to go there for a day or two every now and then!

We started our day in Chinatown, power shopping for gifts. I hadn't done Chinatown before, so it was really exciting! There were so many little shops selling all sorts of wonderful things. We did super well, got everything done in just about an hour! Back to the hotel to unload, and then up to Orchard Road for some lunch, and more shopping!

We were lucky, because the sales were on, and we did some good bargains! Here is the result of our day:

The other reason we went over was to participate in a Swedish Midsummer Party at the lawn of the Raffles Hotel, organized by the Swedish Business Association of Singapore.
Here we are, outside Raffles, just arrived:

Inside Raffles somewhere, on our way to the party site. I was dressed in blue and yellow:

It was a nice evening, with plenty of gorgeous Swedish summer food; we had Toast Skagen, herring, gravlax (=cured salmon), smoked salmon, salmon tartar, kavring (=special dark bread), herb omelette with smoked trout, prins sausages, Jansson's Temptation, dill potatoes, meringue rhubarb pie and strawberries with ice cream of course!
We were slightly disappointed there was no midsommarstång (=may pole), but hey, you can't get it all, we did get snaps!

We met up with the Swedish Ambassador and his wife again, and the priest from the Swedish church; these were the only people we actually knew there. We did get talking with a few others as well, who were really nice; although I'm surprised at how little people know about Brunei - even the people living so close!

All in all, we had a fab day!


Jason said...

Is the space on the corner of the bed resered for the missing bag?

TinTin said...

So much fun! I like midsommar too!