Thursday, 25 June 2009

Say 'aaaaa...'

I don't know why, but it has taken me forever (well, we've been here two years soon, that's how long!) to organize for us all to go and see the dentist. In UK Nathan and I went every six months, but here, it's taken me quite some time of research before I found a good one.
Today was the day anyway, for us all to go and have a check-up!

The kids were both amazing! Lucas started off and jumped up in the chair and opened up like he had done it a million times! He can impossibly remember the few visits he did to the dentist in the UK, but he does remember the Kindy excursion he did last year, to the dentist.
He got lots of praise for his beautiful teeth!

The dentist's room was cool, she had a light show in the ceiling for the kids to look at!

Even Linnea was super brave after she had seen Lucas do it. She opened up too, without any hesitation, and was happy for the dentist to check the teeth, clean them up and suck with the little suction hose.
We got warned that one of her teeth in the back had a little black spot on it, that could be the beginning of a cavity - so I guess we will have to help her a bit more with the brushing for a while still...

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