Tuesday, 30 June 2009


Every now and then, not very often, you can get cold - even here in Brunei. To me, it has happened two nights in a row now!

Yesterday we went to the movies, and for some bizarre reason they always have the AC set on highest blow-out possible. It's horrendously cold in the movie theaters here.
First time we went, the friends who took us came in jeans, socks, shoes, fleece jackets and with duvets in their bags! I was laughing at them, until we got in to the theater... brrr... Now I'm normally always prepared from home too.
Yesterday though I couldn't be bothered changing to long trousers, and was counting on borrowing a blanket from the cinema. But since it was one of the first screenings of the new Transformers movie, it was more or less full - and they had run out of blankets!
I was shaking by the time we got home!

Tonight I did the hash in the pouring rain. Got soaked, and never really got my warmth back during shout-up or dinner - not until I got home to my warm shower.

So every now and then it happens, you feel cold, even in Brunei - but it's rare.

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anna of sweden said...

Hej hej! Vad kul att du hittade in in till mig - nu är jag här och kikar. Hälsar Anna från Philadelphia - fast just nu i Blekinge!